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31 January 2013 / Financing Publiglobe Australia


HAL9000 Limited has assisted Publiglobe Srl in the preparation and submission of a request of financing to Simest SpA for the creation of its new Brand Office in Sydney, Australia. Publiglobe is an integrated communications agency providing branding, marketing and advertising services to companies and local authorities. In the frame of its internationalization strategy – which has already produced has a result the creation of the offices in Barcelona, Berlin, London and Paris – there is now the plan for the opening of a new Office in Sydney. The project schedules an investment in structures, staff and promotional campaigns - not only in Australia, but also in the whole Region of “Far East". HAL9000 and Publiglobe have already identified a potential Client for a contract that would create the perfect basis for the start-up of Publiglobe Australia.

The dossier has been presented to Simest SpA and is presently under evaluation.

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